My uncle was a painter. I still have vivid memories of watching him bring home a collection of paintings from his studio and settling in a comfortable chair for the rest of the night to finish his beloved art. He would let me pretend to be helping by arranging and ordering his paintings in neat piles. This went on for the most part that I can recollect from my childhood memories and I felt destined to follow in my uncle’s footsteps after observing his unconditional love for his art. To this day, I still do. For as long as I can remember, I never really wanted to do anything else in life…
Thus, I’m very passionate about motion and graphic design and I have regularly experimented with different styles, colors and visual language. Generally, I love intricate compositions, bold colors and comprehensive designs. My services include: motion graphics, 3D modeling & animation, branding and visual identity, website design and development, packaging design and illustration.
Along the road I’ve worked both as an in-house designer for large corporations, at advertising agencies and as a freelancer. Working in-house, I learned to follow brand guidelines while being creative and to work as part of a team while still maintaining consistency. The agency environment taught me to juggle multiple clients and to work fast and efficiently. Lastly, freelancing has strengthened my communication skills with clients and developed my independent problem solving abilities.
I have done work for the likes of Coca Cola, Vodafone, Hausbrandt, Ford and T-Mobile among others. Looking forward to working with you as well!!!
If you have a project that you want to get started, an enquiry, or you think you need my help with something or just fancy saying hey, then drop me a line at